Objectives and Key Results


Growth hacking

Growth hacking is a term relatively new to the world of online marketing. Sean Ellis invented the term and it has gone a long way since. The difference between hacking growth and old school marketing is that a growth hacker looks at the full conversion funnel. A growth hacker starts with identifying the goal of the company and then hacks his way backwards to achieve it. seo expert

Market analysis

Defining the target audience is an important part of any market analysis. You first need to completely understand who your ideal client is, before you can reach out to the consumer with your products. Once you understand your target client better, it is time to find out the amount of people are actually interested in purchasing your product. The easiest way to do this is through a super basic keyword research.

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Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of testing something to improve the performance. This can be a piece of text or something else. By different variations you will ultimately get a victor. The champion is the version that generated the most results. This can result in a higher amount of customers and purchases. Conversion Optimization is an important element for every firm. There are many tools that can be used for conversion optimization, one of them is Microsoft Clarity.

Setting goals

To make sure your business improvements lead to success, it is key to first set goals. If you do not set goals upfront, you will not be able to see when you’ve achieved your goals. A way to set marketing goals is to use the Objectives and Key Results model. You can learn all about this model in the blog. Having a proper strategy beforehand is always the key to success in the long term. Be prepared! setting goals

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